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Service support

Service support

1、 Overview of service system
Relying on years of manufacturing experience, Hunan minde automation equipment Co., Ltd. has built its own perfect service system. In order to realize the healthy operation of the service network, according to the actual needs, minde automation regulates the service behavior through the system, strengthens the service consciousness and improves the service level. Make the service behavior of service outlets always under control; At the same time, in order to ensure the effective operation of the service network, the company has implemented "flat" management, reduced the communication space at the door of management at all levels, eliminated the blind area of management interface, and improved the speed of information feedback, so that the company's headquarters can timely grasp the dynamics of the service line and solve the systematic problems encountered at the grass-roots level.
Minde automation service concept
Hunan minde automation equipment Co., Ltd. takes "customer-centered, fully meet customer service needs" as the service concept, and follows the principle of integrity, through timely and agile response, continuous improvement, thoughtful and satisfactory service, starting from the actual needs of customers, to provide customers with truly valuable services.
Minde automation service objectives
Customer satisfaction is the goal of our service behavior。
2、 Rigorous organizational structure
Strict after-sales service system management, rigorous organizational structure and orderly management platform of headquarters, regions, provinces and outlets ensure the complete implementation of service concept by terminal personnel.
3、 Service acceptance information guarantee
The national service hotline of Hunan minde automation equipment Co., Ltd. is 0731-8680 1085,All-weather and all-round telephone service provides customers with high-quality service.
The platform provides the following services to customers
Information consultation: receive calls from all consumers;
Product shopping guide: for all equipment related inquiries (including product appearance, performance, characteristics, etc.), the operator can directly reply to the caller and input the caller's information into the system to establish files;
Technical guidance: the telephone operator can preliminarily judge whether it is a fault when receiving the fault repair call. For some problems that do not need door-to-door service, he can directly guide the user to eliminate them through the telephone, so as to solve the problems at the first time to the greatest extent, and guide the end of detailed registration of user files, For the items to be observed, call back after 30 minutes to confirm the adjusted status of the product;
Service registration: when the customer requires information requiring door-to-door service such as design, installation, commissioning and maintenance, the operator asks in detail and records the relevant information of the user, and directly agrees the service time with the user;
Telephone follow-up: after all service information is processed, the operator will dial out a follow-up call within 72 hours to understand the use status of the product and the user's feelings in the service process;
Telephone reminder: for the purchased and installed products, the operator shall take the initiative to pull out the phone after the user purchases or before the product maintenance cycle to introduce the use and maintenance tips to the user;
User survey: cooperate with the product department and sales department to conduct a survey and return visit to a certain stage, an activity or a product to obtain new business needs.
4、 Perfect fault response process
Minde will transfer relevant information to relevant departments through the service system for processing within 5 minutes after receiving the customer's warranty, so as to ensure zero delay of user feedback information.
The fault response process of minde is as follows:
In addition, according to the urgency of the fault information, minde will also make corresponding fault handling measures.
Emergency troubleshooting
When there is an emergency failure of the equipment and it is still unable to eliminate the failure and restore business through telephone support, the people have to provide on-site emergency support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. On site fault handling principle: restoring normal power supply of equipment is preferred.
On site treatment process of major problems
According to the characteristics and requirements of different products, minde company formulates a detailed on-site treatment process for major problems, so as to quickly eliminate equipment faults for customers and effectively reduce the impact of faults on customers' business.

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